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Husband: Ira Gossett

Wife: Ethel Maude Powers

Child Sex Born Family
Garold Leroy Gossett Son 5 NOV 1919 Family Record (#1)
Family Record (#2)
Family Record (#3)
Verna Mae Gossett Daughter 4 MAR 1921  
Ruth Maxine Gossett Daughter 25 FEB 1925  
Ethel Maude Gossett Daughter 23 DEC 1926  

Event Date Details
Marriage 12 MAR 1918 Place: Concordia/KS
Their mother, Ethel Maude died on 21 January 1927 following the birth of baby Ethel and is buried at Wauneta, Nebraska.

With the exceptions of their death certificates it seems both Mary Alice and Ethel Maude commonly went by their middle names hence the references to Alice and Maude in the original records. They both named their last daughters after themselves which may have been a family tradition that ended with Maude's death.

Ira looked after his children on his own for a number of years after his wife's death. Eventually the three older children were placed in Mother Jervels Home (an orphanage) in York, Nebraska, until all were old enough to support themselves. Elizabeth Yerian, a cousin, from the Courtland area, took the baby, Ethel Maude to raise.

Ira remained in the Nebraska/Kansas area and was living in Bird City, Kansas in 1929 at the time of Albert's death. What Ira did from 1926 to 1944 is unknown but from 1944 to 1952 he worked as a farm and ranch laborer in the Kimball, Nebraska area. In 1954 he went into the Scott's Bluff rest home in Kimball, Nebraska.

Ira died 6 December 1957 at the rest home after many years of failing health. He is buried in Kimball, Nebraska.

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