Evangeline Gossett Newcomer, in her book The Family of Gossett, writes (p. 75),

"Prior to 1900 considerable research was made by members of different Gossett branches who were endeavoring to work out the Gossett genealogy and to find proofs which definitely linked the family in Europe with the earliest American generation. They had an organization called "Gossett Association" and its membership extended to various localities in the United States. Gossett reunions were held as early as 1892 and letters with data and deductions were exchanged. Some of the old letters and reports written by officers of the "Association" are extant and give information of the early Gossetts in Ohio. A statement is repeated that the earliest Gossett in America emigrated from England and that his ancestors were French nobles and Huguenots, that the Gossetts settled in Pennsylvania.

"From a letter written by Thomas Henry Gossett of Spartanburg, South Carolina, is the following extract. The letter was addressed to Alfred Newton Gossett, Kansas City, Missouri.

   ' ...July 13,1900, I received a letter from Dr. W. O. Gossett of Kempton, Indiana, inviting me to a reunion of the Gossett family of U.S.A. to be held at Pricetown, Ohio, Aug. 18, 1900. He stated he was one of the Historians for the occasion and, also informed me, "I can trace our family history back to the nobility of France". Later, in a letter he stated, "The Ohio Gossetts trace their family back to John and Matthias Gossett".'"

However, as described elsewhere on this site, there are other traditions among Gossett families that allege immigration of their ancestors to America from Holland or Germany, though many or most would acknowledge an even earlier link to Huguenots of France.