Manoir Georges Guénier

General Information

Manoir Georges Guénier is a residential facility for adults who are blind or partially sighted.  Residents must be at least 20 years of age and hold an official certificate of sight-disability or a medical certificate from an ophthamologist. Residents must be relatively autonomous (i.e., needing no help in bathing or dressing themselves).

Those placed in Manoir Georges Guénier benefit from comfortable surroundings, collective services (balanced meals, exchange of linens, leisure activities, etc.), with some accompaniment and assistance, but with their personal liberty preserved. 

By day, a selection of workshops is available to residents, under the direction of the General Counselor.  The numerous proposed activities foster personal growth and acquisition of enhanced autonomy (e.g., leatherworking, basket-making, cooking, social integration, theater, data-processing). Participation in at least 20 hours weekly is required.  Manoir Georges Guénier welcomes persons for temporary stays (of one or several weeks) throughout the year.

L'Association des Aveugles et Malvoyants de la Manche (The Association of Blind Persons and The Partially Sighted of Manche) holds the property of Manoir Georges Guénier on a site of more than a hectare, composed of eight buildings.  The Manoir house itself is the principal building. 


A model of Manoir Georges Guénier was produced in 2005.                   The Manoir Georges Guénier:  front, as seen from Rue de la Réauté.



The Manoir:  view from the rear, ca. 2010.                                              For comparison, here is the view from the rear, ca. 1922.