Ancestors of Richard Larry Gossett



John Matthias Gossett (1845-1933) & wife, Elizabeth Eleanor Hazelrigg (1849-1935);  photo about 1910.                                         John Matthias Gossett , abt 1890.



John Matthias Gossett, Bethel, Bath, KY.  This is a photo of their home about 1890.  John Matthias in right rocker;  wife Elizabeth, left rocker;  the servant to far left.  L to R, front: children Chester Harrison, Robert Clyde, Annie, and Charles Alban Gossett.   Note:  JM & Eleanor had 8 children (7 sons & 1 daughter).  Four sons died as children and Robert Clyde, grandfather of Richard Larry Gossett, was the only one who had a male heir.



Robert Clyde Gossett (1883-1976).  Photo about 1899.  Youngest son of John Matthias Gossett;  grandfather of Richard Larry Gossett.   Robert Clyde (Clyde or RC) Gossett (1883-1976) and wife, Pearle Jessee (1879-1943).  RC is youngest son of John Matthias Gossett.  Photo abt 1925.



Gossett brothers, L to R:  Charles Alban Gossett (1875-1929), Robert Clyde Gossett (1883-1976), and Chester Harrison Gossett (1872-1950), Edmund, OK, abt 1920.  The only living sons of John Matthias Gossett.   JM Gossett Reunion 1925.  Portion of photo from the last family reunion held in 1925 in Edmund, OK.  Father of Richard Larry Gossett is # 12, John Jessee Gossett, son of Robert Clyde Gossett # 14 & Pearle Jessee Gossett # 1.  John Matthias Gossett # 2 with wife, Elizabeth Eleanor Gossett # 3.