European Origins of the American Gossetts

New Evidence from Conventional Genealogical Research

1. Evidence of Gossetts in America before Jean or Pierre could have arrived (continued)

Descendants of James (Son of John Gossett and Jane Williamson of New Castle Co.)

The Rev. John Gossett, born 1743 in Newcastle County, Delaware, moved with his parents and at least one older brother to Albemarle (Amherst) County, VA “in his infancy.”   [Click here for supporting information.  Since the Rev. John Gossett was born in New Castle County, Delaware, we think it reasonable to conclude that he was likely the son of one of the Gossetts listed in the 1729 and 1739/40 documents -- either John, William, or James.

Sometime prior to 1761, James Gossett is living in Albemarle (Amherst) County, VA. Records from the Alexander Brown Collection at the Swem Library at the College of William and Mary show that James was an adult when he first arrived in Albemarle County. This survey was conducted in 1761 and lists all the men who were adults when they moved to Albemarle County and all those who became adults after moving to or being born there. Also, a William Gossett, who later moved to Pittsylvania County and Spartanburg County, was born in Albemarle/Amherst County in 1758. 

According to his obituary, Rev. John Gossett moved to Amherst, “in his infancy.”  Brothers Portion was sold in 1746/7, which may indicate that the Gossetts moved to Albemarle (Amherst) County at that time. Given this, and the fact that James was in Albemarle (Amherst) before 1761, it is likely that James is the father of the Rev. John.

Many of our Gossett YDNA Project participants can reliably trace their ancestry to the Rev. John (or his brothers).  The significance of this?    Since the YDNA evidence shows Group-I Gossetts share a MRCA within the past 300 to 400 years, then if some of us can reliably trace our ancestry (through the Rev. John or his brothers) to John Gossett (b. c1678) and Jane Williamson of New Castle County, then this strongly suggests that all of the Group-I Gossetts can.    This, coupled with YDNA-based evidence and new, conventional genealogical evidence from Jersey Isle, compels the conclusion that the American Gossetts do not descend from John the Huguenot of Jersey Isle.

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