GEDCOM Lineage Files

This page contains hot-links to GEDCOM lineage files of project participants.  Note that these files are generally "as supplied by the participants," and therefore we provide no assurance as to their accuracy.

New files will be added as they are received.  Since this is a public website, we need to be concerned about posting personal data.  Our policy will be that detailed personal data should not be included for any generation more recent than your grandfather's.   For your generation and your father's generation, you should include only your name and your father's name -- do not include birth dates, wives' names, your children's names, your siblings' names (unless they are also project participants), or your father's sibling's names.  Detailed info can commence with paternal grandparents and more distant generations.

If you click on the participant's name, a new window will open with a GEDCOM file in it.  It presents an index of all names in that GEDCOM file.  The project participant(s) names are highlighted in bold-face, for your ease in finding them.  The GEDCOM data are interactive, so explore!  You can choose to look at family details, or view as an ancestry tree.  Since the GEDCOM will open in a new window, you can open more than one participant's GEDCOM at a time, to facilitate their comparison.

If you click on the tree symbol to the right of a participant's name, a window will open showing a non-interactive ancestry tree.  Further to the right is a hot-link to photographs of the participant's ancestors.


Anthony Wayne     John Peter     
B. Newton     Larry     
Charles Warren        Lawrence Victor         photos
Christopher L.    Mack Thomas     
Claude Washington    Michael William     
Daniel Ray         photos Milton Wayne     
Delmo Earl     

Peter Jerome           photos

G. Charles       Phil     
Guillermo     Ralph      
Ira Lee           photos Richard Larry           photos
James Max   Robert Arthur    
James Michael            photos Robert Francis    
James Rankin      Ronald Pendl          photos
James Raymond           photos Sam K. Gassett    
James Valton     Sean Brian    
James William           photos Steven Alan          photos
Jeffery Paul          photos Travis    
Jeffrey Lynn          photos Walker Christopher    
John Gibson    Walter R.        
John Lynn      William Cofer         photos


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